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Valery Solti

My thought, in creating the Solti Foundation, was to remember my husband’s life in a meaningful, practical way, by providing grants to young conductors to help them move forward into the future. As time passes, it is easy to forget the struggle, the years of waiting and deprivation that Solti had to go through before he finally achieved a full fledged career at the age of 34.

I have recently discovered some of his old letters which reflect his sense of desperation that an opportunity to conduct would forever be denied to him. In the end, he was lucky and an ex fellow music student (an American), Edward Kilenyi from Tallahassee, got him a ride in a US jeep to Munich and Stuttgart where he was given his first opportunity to conduct after nine fallow years.

Life is still very hard for young musicians and particularly for conductors. There are just not enough conductorships available, but the pool of talented young Maestros grows with every year. This is why the grants for career development are so important. The extra money to buy scores and CDs or even a second hand piano, the money to travel to watch performances by the great orchestras with their Maestros, money to attend masterclasses… all helping aspiring conductors prepare for the moment when opportunity presents itself.

I would like to thank everyone of you who has contributed so generously to the Solti Foundation to make all this possible and to congratulate our awardees who with their brilliant talent are fulfilling Solti’s dream more than he could ever have imagined. I am very grateful to you all.

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Each year, the Solti Foundation U.S. relies on donations from patrons like you to continue supporting the dreams of aspiring young opera conductors. The donation you make today make it possible for this organization to award grants to aspiring conductors next year.

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Goldman Sachs
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
William Blair & Company
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MAESTRO ($5,000-$10,000)

Lady Valerie Solti
Stephen & Ann Potter
William & Jan Jentes
Kathy Abelson
Dietrich & Erika Gross
David McNeel
Kay Mabie
John & Penny Van Horn
Lori Julian
Bruce Stevens

PATRON ($3,000-$4,999)

John & Dora Aalbregtse
Owen & Linda Youngman
Michael R. & Gretchen Zook
Carol & Andy Hays

FRIEND ($1,000-$2,999)

Nancy Abshire
Mary & Paul Anderson
Julie & Roger Baskes
Elizabeth Buccheri
Dan Draper
Joyce & Judson Green
Joyce O. Idema
Joseph & Judith Konen
Walter G. Larkin
Ann E. Leibowitz Fund
Thomas B. McNeill
Robert Kohl & Clark Pellett
Cynthia Sargent
Sargent Family Foundation
Thomas Sheffield

MUSIC MAKER ($600-$999)

Eric Wicks & Linda Baker
John H. & Thelma Brill
Michelle Miller Burns
Susanna Craib-Cox
Mark George & Dr. Elizabeth Calihan
Patrice Michaels & James Ginsburg
Jeanette & Jerry Goldstone
Beatrice & Jorge Iorgulescu
Thomas B. McNeill
Carmen & Zarin Mehta
Robert & Nancy Szalay

SUPPORTER ($400-$599)

Dorothy & John Gardner
Carol Honigberg
Irving Harris Foundation
William & Blair Lawlor
Nicholas Martin
Erika O. Parker
John Hart and Carol Prins
J. Timothy Ritchie
William and Gail Steinmetz
Lisbeth Stiffel

SUPPORTER ($100-$399)

Heidi Heutel Bohn
John A. Bross
Kay & Scott Buhl
Dr. John Covell
Julian & Molly D’Esposito
Bernard & Sally Dobroski
Howard Gottlieb
Marilyn Heath
Jim Hertel
Don H. Horisberger
Donald & Mary Koss
Carolyn Little
Diana Davis & William Mason
Chester Gougis & Shelly Ochab
James and Karen Reid
Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sonneborn
Marshall Sparberg
Mark Hecht & Anne Wilder
Mark Zaharski
Karen Zupko