Board of Directors

Through the generosity of its donors and the expertise of its board, the Solti Foundation U.S. identifies, supports and promotes emerging young conductors as they launch their classical careers.

In doing so, the Foundation extends the legacy and influence of Sir Georg by ensuring that very promising American conductors, age 36 and under, get the opportunity to demonstrate their musicianship, leadership, and full potential to the broadest possible audience.

The Board of Directors of the Solti Foundation U.S. meets at least three times a year to direct the activities of the Foundation. It ratifies the work of the Artistic and Awards Committee in selecting each year’s Solti Fellow and the recipient of any Career Assistance Awards; oversees fundraising, in particular through the Foundation’s annual benefit dinner; and works to further the careers of its past awardees, often through partnerships with prominent arts organizations. Members include musicians, arts administrators, business and civic leaders, and educators, all of them dedicated to promoting excellence in music.

Penny Van Horn, Chair
Kay Mabie, Vice Chair
Nicholas Martin, Secretary
Gretchen Zook, Treasurer

John Aalbregste
Christopher Allen
Elizabeth Buccheri
Pamela Bullock
Michelle Miller Burns
Mary Jane Drews

Mark George
Martha Gilmer
William R. Jentes
Blake-Anthony Johnson
Donna L. Kendall
David McNeel

Zarin Mehta
Stephen Potter
Gabrielle Solti
Frank Villella
Duain Wolfe
Owen Youngman

Director Emeritus

Mitzi Freidheim

In Memoriam

Valerie Solti, 
Honorary Chair

Richard Gray,
Founding Director

Thomas B. McNeill,
Past Board Chair

Dietrich Gross,
Director Emeritus

Artistic and Awards Committee

Elizabeth Buccheri, Chair
Pamela Bullock
David Neely
Duain Wolfe


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