Harada, Kulenovic look for top spot at South Bend Symphony Orchestra

Vladimir Kulenovic, Keitaro HaradaThe South Bend Symphony Orchestra has been under the guidance of Maestro Tsung Yeh since 1988. According to the South Bend Tribune, Yeh hand-selected 58 of the ensemble’s current 75 members. So it’s little wonder the search committee for a new music director for the group is about more than simply finding a talented conductor. It’s about finding a leader who will carry on the leadership of the organization and be an ambassador to the community.

So it’s little wonder that Kietaro Harada (Solti, ’15) and Vladimir Kulenovic (Solti, ’15) have made it to the final round of 5 candidates for the position. The final step in their grand audition? To guest conduct the ensemble next spring.

After more than a year of vetting, whomever gets the position will certainly continue to lead the organization in a trailblazing direction. But Harada and Kulenovic, with their attention to detail in the scores, vision for their ensembles, and passion for their work, will almost certainly continue to rise to the top.

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